artizan tree elf

I just put a large bod on the elf at skara there's no tree yet and all the elf said was thanks for the large bod.  He didn't say anything about a tree.

Did I waste my large bod? 
did I give it to him to early?


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    If the tree gets enough BODs to have a Star you will get a gift when the cycle for that city is over.  If not you will have a chance.

    It takes MANY BODs to grow the tree don't act like 1 BOD is such a big deal.  The crafters who sacrifice months of work are who grow the tree.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    thanks pawain 
    this is the first time i ever put bods on the elf when no tree around.  I wasn't sure if there needs to be a governor or not for the town, which on siege there isn't for skara.

    and yes after waiting nervous like if i was doing something wrong, i decided to add more and got it to stage 1.  woohoo!

    I do crafting, but its not my lifes calling, i like changing things up in the game.  I do know there are crafters that love doing it 24/7 with no desire to ever do anything else, which is great for them cause its what they love.  But I do try and help where i can.  I bought 2 mil worth of bods unfilled, plus the ones i pick up once in a while and i have been adding them when i get some made.  I am not perfect but I try.  thats all i been doing this month, and need a change, want to go hunt and kill something...............................but I am doing it cause soon  it will be over.

    I also do give a shout out to the guild that is doing most of the trees, I don't for get them :)

  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,279
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    It needs money in the city coffers.  Since an elf is there, the city has it.  

    You can put more BODs on to help it grow and increase your chance of getting A gift.  Go back and click the bag when the cycle is over.

    Good Luck!
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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