For Clarification on Holiday trees at Banks

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Just to clear up some confusion here <span>:smile:</span>  The trees that are in front of the banks or close to banks with presents and blue bag under them are ones I put down for deco. These are not tied into the Artisan Festival at all. Purely for Deco for the holidays. The Artisan trees will be at their usual places as in previous years. If you hear any chatter in Chat on game about it..please pass this info along!  


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    Does anybody have all the old locations that they can post
    • Britain – East Britain Park 2°S, 20°E
    • Jhelom – East of The Pearl of Jhelom 151°N, 8°E
    • Minoc – West of The Matewan  99°N, 77°E
    • Moonglow – East of the Scholar’s Goods 48°N, 141°W
    • New Magincia – The Gazebo 40°S, 167°E
    • Skara Brae – South of the Healer of Skara Brae 52°S, 48°W
    • Trinsic – The Park 101°S, 40°E
    • Vesper – East of the Fisherman’s Guild 71°N, 116°E
    • Yew – East of the Yew Healer 56°N, 54°W
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    TYVM @Shandara
  • I'll lock down a runebook at the Worst Witch.
  • I did not see the Elf yet in Jhelom, also no decoration in the location east of the Pearl jewelry shop.  Is there another location am unaware of, as I am a tourist on Baja?
  • Just checked the guild stone and the city of Jhelom is about 50k shy of a million gold need to participate in the artisan festival.  :'(
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    I mis read that. I changed my message. Will get that 50k on the stone somehow. The gov is on the west coast so I expect he is snoring right now.
    Thanks for the heads up

  • I had one mythical crate in stock and it happened to be for Jhelom! Jhelom now has 10 million.
    I'll check the other stones.
  • I am hoping that we get the elf at server up this morning. Cross your fingers.

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    Sad to say but you've missed Jhelom, it's Minoc for you now. But then you will have a second tree in britain to finish the festival with.
  • As you can imagine, the Governor is pretty upset. Please know that this is the Governor’s first term and he has never done the Artisan’s Festival before. He made sure that he was responsible for his city by getting the donations. He attended the ceremony last night and gave thanks to the craftspeople. So please be kind and know that we all do the best we can.

  • Much Love for Governor Hate, I did not even think of reminding anyone of the 1 million gold needed per city either.  At least the BODs don't go bad on the shelf.  We have at least two more years of the Artisan Festival so now we know Jhelom is ready for next year :)
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