Britain, the Last City, The Last Hope

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Britain, the last city, the last hope..
Growling and howling with anger, Ashmarta
turned on the hooded figure.
"Once again you fail!" he said, slamming his
great horned hand down on the table.
"These mortals will be easy to kill, you said,
these mortals are weak, you said.. these mortals..
these mortals.. are Nothing like you said!", he
snarled at the Dark clothed figure. "They have
defended each city we have attacked and WON!
One city remains. It is not enough but it will
have to do."
"Calm down Ashmarta", the hooded figure started
to say before being cut off.
"CALM DOWN?? How can I? You promised me this if
I would help you. I did my part. Are you not the
Strongest and wisest of all? I gave you what you
asked, Now it is Your turn to help me and not
fail as you have been!"
Looking over at the figures bound and chained,
the Hooded figured turned to Ashmarta,"I gave
you those. What have you done with them? Nothing!
With them out of the way, you could have taken
control on your own. Kill them, take their souls!
Looking at the bound figures, Ashmarta's eyes
turned Red and glowing as he moved to where they
were bound.
"Yes..Yes..but which one first?" he snarled.
"The one with the most power of course", the
hooded figure said pointing at one of the women.
Turning towards the one pointed out, the
Demon wrenched her out of her chains.
Her head drooping, the woman raised her eyes
to the Hooded figure and back to the Demon.
Hoarsely she uttered, "You will not win.
Even with my death, you will not win."
"We shall see..", He roared with his head
thrown back in a evil laugh.
Dragging her by the arm, he stopped
in front of a large stone boulder. Waving
his mighty horned hand, the boulder slowly
moved away, revealing a large dark chamber.
Shoving her inside, he said "Azazel will
enjoy a snack. Your strength and magic will
immerse with his to help kill your friends in
Waving his hand, the boulder rolled back into
place, but not before a scream from inside could
be heard.
Turning towards the hooded figure he said, "Now
go! Before I feed you to Azazel! I will figure out
what do do with that one later."
The Hooded figure turned towards the Demon and said
"One out of the way, you will see, Britain will be
In the Kings Chambers, Blackthorn was jolted awake.
Getting up and looking out of the curtains unto
the darkened streets of Britain, images of the dream
that had awoken him flashed through his mind. Dragons,
Demons, and Death. And in the middle stood Sarmesia.
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