Publish 111 Feedback on ability Flaming Shot

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Thanks for fixing the bug that caused to not be able to fire a special move after a Flaming shot, but I want to ask something about the hit chance for that particular ability, after many hundreds of flaming shots on test server, I concluded something was wrong with the chance to hit a target with it, in comparaison to other normal special moves.

Normal special moves chance to hit is the following(excluding parry skill for all my tests) : 120 weapon skill + 45 hit chance inc. vs 120 defense skill + 45 defense chance = 50% chance to hit target.

Flaming shot chance to hit was much lower than 50% with the same stats as above. Even against a disarmed target with 0 defense skill, I was barely hitting 25% of the time, so something must be wrong , this is a mastery ability.

Does tactics help the chance to hit ? From my testings it wasn't affecting it by much I tested with 0 and 120.
Does the range or is there an ideal spot depending on type of the bow that would affect the chance to hit ?
Please inform us a bit more because as it is no one will ever use that ability.


  • Yeah, i'd use Flaming Shot against a group of foes (even densely packed ones like the Acid Slug Pit), and it'd show the graphic, but deal no damage at all, even before Pub 111. Back when i tested the Masteries when they were first introduced, Flaming Shot worked, but it doesn't now, something has broken it since then.
  • it does land but like I said < 25 % of the time even against a disarmed target ! So it's fair to say no one even going to bother using it, when you have 50%+ chance to hit for ANY other abilities.
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