September Events!

EM EchoEM Echo Posts: 165Event Moderator
9/4/21- Governors Meeting- 7pm PST/10pm EST-Meet council room Castle Blackthorn.

9/11/21- Baja Bake off Round Two!- Show off your baking skills to the infamous Chef Rordon Gamsey!
7pm PST/10pm EST- Meet at the Awards Hall in Malas for the competition! You will need to be in teams of Two, one baker, one runner!

9/18/21- The Rescue- 7pm PST/10pm EST- Meet at West Britain Bank

9/25/21- The Awakening VII- Trinsic's Unrest- 7pm PST/10pm EST-
Ashmarta is determined to destroy the Virtues!
Meet at West Britain Bank to defend Trinsic from his evil
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