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    Suit is fine. Eat a petal of trinsic when a paragon appears for more strength.
    Use the correct weapons.
     Flame slayer allows you to kill the normal flame vulnerable mobs in one hit. The hounds take more. Very useful on para firesteeds.
    In tram. I put on healing instead of necro. Vamp form does nothing on paragons a petal won't do. The normal mobs barely damage you.
    Use a weapon with double strike or armor ignore. Swords has that easy.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    @popps why do you need resist? Use petals and apples.  You do no damage without eval.

    You may as well be hitting them with a Smith's hammer.

    The way I see it, you are too stubborn to take advice and kill stuff.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Larisa said:
    I am but most of my WW slayer weapons are 100% Fire Damage.  My bladed staffs are all physical and my radiant scimitars are mostly physical but some cold. I tend to use a WW weapon.

    You can't be lazy and have to make the correct weapon. You can't even kill a normal fire daemon or fire ant with a 100% fire damage weapon unless you are casting consecrate weapon all the time as you have chiv. But if you are willing to cast consecraet weapon tirelessly why not spare half an hr to craft an 100% cold damage weapon which you will enjoy for the whole event? 
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    We knew the dungeon was called Wildfire for months.  Did not take much to guess which dungeon it would be in.  You could have marked runes and lored mobs there to make weapons before the event started.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    I think they even confirmed for us a couple weeks before the event that it was in Fire.... was plenty of time to prepare. I think Pawain even gave a tutorial when it first started of what to use on what mobs. No excuses on lack of drops when you are working to be the most efficient. If you just "enjoy playing without the grind" then these events just aren;t for you. Remember that the WF Ostard started at 300 points.
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    popps said:

    "These events aren't built for Tamers,  they are built for Sampires." 
    @ Kyronix 
    @popps if you used the right pet you would find out that the right pet does this very well.
    popps said:
    Pawain said:
    @ popps
    Use the correct slayer book on your tamer and you will kill them faster than anyone else can.

    Also in Tram, why would you use a Sampire on a Paragon here?  Are you not aware that the 100 points in necro is wasted on them?  You do not get the only benefit a Sampire has over other melee toons.

    Like I said Ill put my Archer against your sampire and see who kills faster in this dungeon in tram.

    One of the players who got the most drops in Tram on LS played a Tamer this whole event.  He has been giving drops away for weeks.  We call him the Red CU Express!

    I play my tamer at all other times.  I like this change of pace.  I played my Archer, Thrower, Swordsman, Fencer, and Macer. And made a new Tiger form warrior. Only needed my tamer if I was all alone and wanted a Para Balron dead.

    Of all the dungeons so far, this was the most balanced one for templates.
    Use the correct slayer book on your tamer and you will kill them faster than anyone else can.

    I am using a Tamer/Mage/Spellweaver with Resisting Spells on so, no room for Evaluate Intelligence.

    Also, I find myself in need to heal uninterruptedly my pet (also with Gift of Renewal on), especially with Paragons, to keep it alive so, I doubt, even if I swapped Resisting Spells with Evaluate Intelligence, that I would be able to cast sufficient offensive spells.

    The problem with Paragons is that they deal a whole lot of damage, for example, with Paragon Succubus (forget about Paragon Balrons, those I cannot even touch...), if I do not keep my pet healed, it would go down in like 5 or 6 hits, maybe even less...

    The pet is Chivalry/Armor Ignore and with all skills at 110 and 110 Chivalry... going towards 120.

    So, it is a pet intended to do damage (I keep it healed, as I can), not a tank...

    Unfortunately, with damage from pets being "halved", the damage done to Paragons is not as much as it should be... therefore, Paragons take a whole lot of time for me to kill them, with Paragon Balrons being impossible for me to deal with. Paragon Succubus, take like a whole lot, perhaps 7 or 8 minutes to kill and this, only if there is no side spawn around... Paragon Lich Lords are a bit better, still take about 5+ minutes to kill....

    And again the right pet and the right template would do wonders.  Your good old standard Tamer/Mage or Tamer/Mage/Discord with a self healing pet (there are 3 of them).
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    For this event the way to go was the Semhidar spawn in Fel.  On Great Lakes we did it about 3-4 times per hour.  Depending on the ppl there you would get at least 4-5 per spawn if not more.  At least 20 per hour.  I only did this event for the last two weeks and got an ostard, the vorpal thing and a mask.  Wasn't too hard but you had to do in fel.  Not sure why everyone fears fel. Insure the drops when you get them. I got PK'ed exactly once. It slowed me down for 10 minutes. 

    On the tram side the drops are way way too slow.  Too high end monsters and too long for spawns and lots of annoying paragons to deal with.  In the spawn with a sampire you whirlwind low end spawn 20 at a time.  Pops in your pack like mad.  
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