Wall Safes

AmberWitchAmberWitch Posts: 590
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2 wall safes that have been in their respective spots for probably close to 2 years within the past week went from a combined total of 130Mil to zero. The Safe Transactions history now shows no history where there once was history. I paged a GM hoping they could look at them to see something that I could not.  After 3 hours of waiting without a response I gave up.

I checked bank balances, etc. I checked the co-owner who actually owns the safe to see if they had cleared it (Mama Faith has been out of the game for a long time due to RL struggles with the cancer) or if anyone had access to her account and she replied in the negative.She checked her balances as well and her account was well below.
It appears to be an issue. I just don't get the transaction history disappearing but I never really used these things to begin with sooooo..... I leave this in someone's capable hands.


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