Unravelling questions

Learning how to unravel things. Is there any easy way to determine how difficult it will be to unravel something.  Currently can unravel up to and including major magic items weighing up to 50lbs but still find minor magic items left in the bag after unraveling.  Apparently neither the magic rating or the weight are key here.
Sometimes when I try to unravel a bag of items I get the message I can’t unravel anything because my backpack is full when there is still plenty of room in the backpack for more items.  If I take out the other bag of stuff I have in the backpack, I can unravel the bag of magic items.  Is this just another bug?
And finally, does it make any difference if I use the Queens forge?  I usually use the forge in the Tel Mur central plaza.  Sometimes after using that forge I will give the Queens forge a try, but nothing left in the bag has ever unraveled.
I use a gargoyle whose imbuing skill is currently in the low 70’s.



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    If you have room, Take your haul to the soulforge and unravel all you can.  Then save what does not unravel so you can get gains as you advance in skill.  Don't do like I did and unravel for months and finally notice you had no room for the skill to increase.

    You are pretty low right now. 

    Specific info about values: https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/skills/imbuing/

    Skill gains: https://www.uoguide.com/Imbuing
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    when it says your backpack is full
    it means that to unravel it would put you overweight.

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    Thanks would never have guessed it was weight that generated the message. Unraveling as much as he can.  Usually, about 30 to 35 items per load.  Generally he gains about .2 or .3 per load.  Should make 80% today with a little luck.
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    Raise  imbuer's STR. Will help to carry more. Buy all possible gear to increase STR too. Shield, weapon, jewels, armor. 
    Also remove all other skills. Leave imbuing only (need soulstone) 
    For unraveling I use painted caves. My samp just go there and grab all stuff except 10+ stones weight. Pretty many items are elven wit 1-2 stone weight. Beware 50 stones items. 
    Then go home and secure your lootbag. Go to caves again. When house is full - relogin with your imbuer and unravel all. 
    If you have no home - use Luna hotel to relogin. Find a house in Luna with soulforge and unravel there. 
    Use Powerscroll as soon as possible (115 or 120 one). 
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