Ominous Outset

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Ominous Outset

Anumi sat comfortably in his chair, in the dark dreary confines of the network of caves that lay underneath the palace in Nujel’m. Across from him was a barred and locked cell with a prisoner shackled inside. Although she was chained to the wall, Roysia shot a look of animosity towards Anumi.

“It is as I told you. Your King, your Governors, they have abandoned you.” Said Anumi.

Roysia shook her head and replied:

“There is more to Povras than just a sailor. He knows you are after him. There is no way he could… simply turn him over for my safety.”

Anumi pondered for a moment before he stood up and walked over to a worn bookshelf across from Roysia’s cell. He scanned the shelves for a moment before removing a rather old parchment. He then walked over to the front of the cell and smirked at Roysia and replied:

“This was the missing key. The ritual is all on this page.”

Anumi then tucked the parchment into his pocket as he returned to his seat and continued:

“Povras was unaffected by the illness he brought back with him. He would have been the one to go back and lead the way.”

Roysia stood with a look of intrigue on her face as she thought about how the illness affected the townsfolk of Trinsic during the horrid attack. She then looked over to Anumi and inquired:

“You are going back there? Why?”

Anumi sat in silence for several moments, starring at one of the Tomes before replying:

“Toxul the Lich was just a guardian of the tomb. The blight that followed was the curse for opening the long-forgotten chambers, and the powers contained within.”

Roysia looked around her cell as she thought about what Anumi had just said. After a few moments she inquired:

“So that is where the Tomes come in?”

Anumi chuckled and replied:

“That’s very clever! Are you sure you shouldn’t be Queen?”

After a moment of laughing at her question he continued:

“The Temple of Muspelheim was sealed ages ago, using the three Tomes. The Tomes were then separated and hidden, never to be spoken about; For only the three Tomes when joined together can unlock the temple.”

A puzzled Roysia inquired:

“What is Muspelheim?”

After shooting Roysia a smirk Anumi replied:

“He is one of the old Gods... He lived long before the Great Cataclysm. A being of fire, of great power. It is told in an old myth that the wisps gained their knowledge of many… many horrible things from Muspelheim.”

The chains bound to Roysia clanked as she stepped back to lean on the cave wall behind her. She thought about what Anumi was saying, and why he would be sharing this knowledge with her. She also pondered if King Blackthorn has knowledge of Muspelheim. Anumi then continued:

“He was betrayed… defeated by the wisps. The wisps knew a being with that much power would be a danger to all life in the realm. They entombed him… locked him behind magic seals and spells...”

Before Roysia could inquire further, there was a knock at the door in the chamber. A guard entered and spoke:

“Sire, the men are ready to depart.”

Anumi stood from his chair and replied:

“Excellent! Let us be on our way then!”

He then began to walk to the exit of the chambers and motioned for the guard to stay and watch over the prisoner. The guard then closed the door behind Anumi and walked to the front of Roysia’s cell. He looked up at her and spoke:

“Many of them are leaving. Now is your chance.”

Roysia shook her head and replied:

“He has the Tomes with him… I am not leaving without…”

“But they will kill you! Once Anumi gets what he wants they won’t need you anymore! Don’t you see?” Interrupted the guard. Roysia thought for a few moments before replying:

“I know what they did to your family, Eaana… I know how you feel. We need to separate Anumi from the three Tomes.”

Eaana stared into the depths of Roysia’s cell as he thought about how his family fled Nujel’m and were murdered. He then looked over to Roysia, whose gaze met his.

“He needs to be stopped.” Said Eaana.
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