Welcome to The Family

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Welcome to The Family:


The raid on the caravan from Vesper to Britain was our first event in an RBG-type of program and series of events. Unlike RBG programs of the past or on other shards, The Family is basically the polar opposite of these. Instead of helping and healing the townsfolk of the land, The Family will be hurting and hindering, while lining their pockets with countless riches. The loyalty of The Family is not to King Blackthorn, the Sultan or to any of the merchant guilds; The loyalty of The Family is to your brothers and sisters and to the pursuit of riches. From time to time, a wealthy individual, head of state, or equivalent may call upon the services of The Family… For a price.


Points for advancement in rank in The Family are assigned by attendance. At the start of each of these events, Moreno Dionisio will take “attendance” or a “roll call.” This will be the bulk of how points are awarded and accumulated. The attack on the merchant caravan to steal priceless artwork was an “initiation” into The Family if you will:


Moreno Dionisio: A moment... I will take the names of those present...


Tserim Arryth: You do not need to take mine. I will take no part in this.


It is advised that you attend these events with a character who has a less than noble reputation in the lands, as it may be difficult to justify your actions to King Blackthorn should the Governor of Minoc be sighted raiding a trade caravan, and then giving the King a nice report from their city for example.


As we continue our journey down the road with The Family there may be opportunities to earn extra or bonus points. Once, perhaps twice a year, we will have an award ceremony where top-tier point earners will be granted a title and rank within the organization from Moreno Dionisio.


The meeting place for these events will vary each month.



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    The Family of Berg just put a priceless bribe into the Family's mailbox. We expect, of course, to be rewarded in no small manner.
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