List of Auction Items for Kingdom of Dawn 23rd Anniversary Charity Auction 2-5-2021

WildStarWildStar Posts: 12
Royal Guard – Defender of Vesper Owned by No One (Shard Bound)

Lich Statue (Blue)

120 Chivalry Power Scroll

115 Taming Power Scroll Set
Animal Lore, Animal Taming, & Veterinary

110 Pet Power Scroll Sets & Individual Skills:

Melee Set –
Anatomy, Healing, Parrying, & Wrestling

Magery Set
Evaluate Intelligence, Magery, & Meditation

Necromancy Set –
Necromancy & Spirit Speak

110 Bushido

110 Chivalry

110 Discordance

110 Focus

110 Mysticism

110 Ninjitsu

110 Spellweaving

Bushido Mastery Level III (Shard Bound)

Anon’s Spellbook
+15 Magery, Eodon Tribe Slayer

Invasion Spellbook SDI 47%

Invasion Spellbook SDI 46%

Two (2) Promotional Tokens for Your Ancestral Gravestone
One each will go to the top two bidders

A Promotional Token for Your Green Soulstone

Swords of Prosperity

A Bow (Practice Weapon)


Totem of the Void

Soul Seeker

Heritage Token

One (1) Blood of the Dark Father

Inscription Suit

Named Armor Suits:
Elven Leafweave (4 of 4)
Myrmidon Armor (6 of 6)
Assassin Armor (4 of 4)
Plate of Honor (6 of 6)
Juggernaut Set (2 or 2)
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