Let it Snow - Fiction - January 21st 9PM EST

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 164Event Moderator
Petree sat and looked out his workshop window at the fields of white, he imagined this is what the ocean would look like, as far as the eye could see it was all the same blankness. The kingdom had been snowed in and everyone was annoyed with each other for lack of space and privacy. Petree looked back at his work table to make sure that his latest creation was still rendering down. It was up to him to melt all of the snow so that life can get back to normal even if it was cold outside. Instead of merely melting the snow and creating a muddy mess, Petree decided that it would be easier if the snow were to just up and walk away. Using similar magic to create clay golems Petree wanted to create snow golems and command them to march out of town to the forest and wait there to melt. Petree imagined the snow rolling itself into balls and forming the monstrous sized golems then with a flick of his wrist, they all turn and march away never to be seen again. The entire kingdom will be amazed, the King himself will cheer for the greatness of Petree. Imagining the prestige that will come with his latest bout of alchemy, Petree lined up his beakers and slowly poured in his potion.  Pulling on his hat, scarf, gloves, winter robe, and heavy boots Petree climbed to the curtain wall and started chanting as he uncorked the bottles and started throwing them over the edge…..
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