Chesapeake EM Events For December 2020

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12/02/2020 - 9pm EDT - Fox Troubles
12/09/2020 - 9pm EDT - Choose Your Own Adventure **ORACLE EVENT**
Chesapeake EM


  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,741

    Tonight's drop.  I did not get it, so thanks to Red snapper for the peep show.  However my bubby TATA gave me his' when he asked me if I had got one, so I am going to POF and imbue it for mine tailor Victoria's Secret.  Got a clothing bless deed for it as well.  Thank you TATA, you could have sold it.  Mine tailor will love it♥
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  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    Hopefully my comments didnt anger any baby seals, but if they did, january would be perfect for them to seek vegence.
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