Besides tamers what to use for kills

I been doing the event and just running my tamer easy to control and not many hot keys.

The reason I ask is I was in a car crash and my one hand does not work 100 percent anymore. Will go numb, swell up, can't move it much. And with the damage to it sometimes it will get to the point where my brain says hit this key but the hand and fingers won't move.

With tamer i can have the 4 pet commands and heal and invisible spell hot key windows by the mouse icon so only need one hand to play.


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    I am thinking mages with slayer and 50 sdi spellbooks may kill as fast as a sampire if not using protection. I cast and target nearest, kill each monster before the sampire reach it. 

    But its weak against paragon. I think I would run to a nearby group, invis to break lock, and quickly cask EV or Colossus. Or if its distracted by others in the group then I can cast attack spells.

    Sorry, I didn't read about the issue with the hand earlier. I think tamer could be easier...

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