Endless Journey on New Legacy

Just quick thought.

Endless Journey restrictions except for House Ownership should be removed for New Legacy players. New Legacy will probably have a lot of current freeshard players at least log in to see what it's all about and if the free2play option is to restrictive there is no way they will stick around here when they are already established on a free2play shard with similar ruleset.
This also applys to any new player to the game that might peak interest.

Players should be allowed to access houses they are friended to.
Players should be able to get reward drops / powerscrolls (if any)
Players should have full access to the bank box

Don't make the game so restrictive for Endless Journey that it will just drive potential players to find other options. Let them enjoy the game because if they are playing then I am happy to have more people to play with. It does not bother me that they are playing for free while I am paying a subscription. I just want to see the world packed with players once again.


  • FortisFortis Posts: 410
    ej account already use for massive Scripting no need for more
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