Dealing with Ore Elementals that result from Gargoyle Pickaxes

I'm wondering how much trouble the ore elementals will give me.

I've made my first foray into the crafting game of UO, and I'm aiming for a garg imbuer/miner/lumberjack/tinkerer/carpenter with 60 magery (75 with jewelry) for transportation, etc. Will that be enough magery to handle the ore elementals the gargoyle pickaxes spawn though? Will I need to drop a crafting skill to add more offense?


  • Some of the ore elementals are immune to magic and summons, best bet is to raise magery and use a mage weapon elemental or earth elemental slayer.
  • VeramoVeramo Posts: 12
    Ah, I hadn't thought of a mage weapon. Thanks for the advice!
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,218
    I have always mined in Fel Delucia. You get the double resources and its large enough to keep going as long as you want.  It's in the guard zone.  Just say Guards!   Also you should be using a prospectors tool along with the Garg axe.
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