Co-owner change

SkettSkett Posts: 1,286
I have multiple accounts and each has a house 
I used to be able to secure items in a co-owned house and any characters on the same co-owned account could remove them. Now all co-owned characters can open containers but only the character that placed it can move it. 
How do I fix this it’s hard trying to remember which character places what. 

Thank you 


  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    The main owner can remove an item placed by a co owner.
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,286
    I tried that in some houses it works others it doesn’t not sure why 
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,286
    Is it the first person on an account  that gets co owner who has complete control because on some houses it’s different characters that can release lock downs 
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