Easter Saturday - Australia

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Hi guys,

just a heads up.  Angelwood Warehouse Events on Oceania is inviting anyone from any shard to a bit of fun at the Angelwood Warehouse CIGO Casino at 8pm Sydney Time tomorrow.  (we are in front of you so it will be Sat morning or afternoon depending on where you are)  Details on location etc are on this link:  https://forum.uo.com/discussion/6322/angelwood-warehouse-cigo-casino-open-easter-saturday#latest 

Given we are all locked inside and our Easter Break has been kinda covid'd out figured we could have a little bit of fun.  All are welcome and you can get to the casino from Luna so don't need any skills or transport. Just create a char and come along.

For all off-sharders, who don't have any funds on the shard, you will be given 50k, courtesy of MissE and Angelwood Warehouse Events to allow you to place bets.

Rules on the CIGO Casino are located here:  Rules


Cheers MissE

For more info about Angelwood Warehouse Events go to the A.W.E Forum
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