idea for the game for devs with high population coming

I never seen that many peoples in game due to real life issue going on. Many old timer coming back to the game and new s a good time to keep them a to the for long by maybe offering a real nice 2-3 months of gameplay. The idea is to reintroduce best event that occur in the last years like khaldun spawn and rewards ( this event need crafting stuff for almost all profession and need gathering in t2 to craft ) the city invasion with spellbook is another good idea. Treasure of Tokuno was great idea either. With all those stuff going on people will be buzy and can get stuff to equip fast and do good content.


  • MordredMordred Posts: 102
    you have EJ accounts for that matter!
  • FortisFortis Posts: 410
    @mordred useless comments ej cant receive not talking about ej getting people to subscribe by addind stuff
  • Lord_NabinLord_Nabin Posts: 203
    Best things to help all these returning players to stick and resub is player community engagement. Grab a few people and go have some fun! 
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  • MordredMordred Posts: 102
    Why useless comment??? EJ Accounts were created for that purpose, specially now "with current world situation" as you pointed, people are home and they can play UO for free if they want with EJ accounts,  there is another post where Mariah said that ToT is b4 EJ even existed, so youbhave that answer as well, and just like Nabin said, those that came back and like the contents so much, just subscribe...
  • FortisFortis Posts: 410
    ty for listening
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