I thought evasion got nerfed? Can’t even tell.

CodyCody Posts: 30
As of pub 108 I thought evasion was going to nerfed. Seems like it has went untouched.

any insight would be good as to where theese ‘nerf’ numbers came in place. 

All of theese changes we waited almost a year for and the only thing that came out of it was the few trolls aren’t running around as much shattering.

evasion still insane
hybrid dexxer mages/casters still rule the field pvp.

@Bleak @Kyronix


  • CodyCody Posts: 30
    Also on that subject, vendor search that was supposed to be fixed still broke. and there has been instances where i have gotten splintered twice within the 15 second timer.
  • TailTail Posts: 70
    Absolutely. no change to evasion. Someone dropped the ball on that one. The reason why is because you could only really evade 3 things anyway...and with the spread they went with it still sllow 3-4 evades at a high number.
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