Anyone else experiencing a bug with Serado spawn?

Twice in two nights the following happened on Lake Austin:

We were up to 11 red candles, and 1-2 white ones.
(We are NOT the type to let a spawn slide back deliberately to try to milk it for more ToT - when we work one we do so to beat it)

The spawn slows down, and we lose the white candles. We work back up to 1 white candle, and THEN

Unexpectedly, the new white candle disappears.
The 11th red candle disappears
Then the 10th candle
Then the 9th candle
Then the 8th candle....

Suddenly, we're back to 7 red candles, the spawn associated with the champ SHUTS DOWN (no replacements for kills), and the no-recall field that normally surrounds the area GOES AWAY, as it would if the champ had appeared and died, prior to it resetting. 

I was standing next to the Altar, casting summons, the second time this happened. The skulls went one at a time, in 3-5 seconds in total. After the others congregated at the altar trying to figure out what happened again (most fought it both bug instances), we were able to recall from the area of the altar (as in maybe a couple steps off it). 

Some of us actually like doing group hunts, and it's a real downer to have this happen (we'd rather not have to compete with the people farming the dojo, etc.)


  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,177
    Most shards were doing this a few weeks/months ago. It seemed to be fixed on LS.  I guess not fixed on all shards.
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  • JackFlashUkJackFlashUk Posts: 936
    Busted on legends aswell

    but the good news! More crap to buy in the store
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