Wall of stone scripts

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There are too many people running wall of stone scripts to cast walls which land one tile in front of you, no matter the direction you run. I love the spell overall in pvp! being able to separate people way from the pack and pick them off is a blast. However, certain guilds have scripts written with multiple people using it that blocks you in while in the open field.

One possible solution I have is to some how make it so people cannot use razor or steam on OSI(let's face it, many people use these for targeting, teles, crossheals, etc...). The only other idea I can think of is to make it so stone wall cannot be target relative.

I'm far from an expert and have only recently came back to the game.

What do you guys think? Devs, please do something:smile:


  • ChrisChris Posts: 5
    I totally support you. I've been in guilds and seen the thousands of scripits for everything. Targeting, sync, etc... 

    UO is a nice game but it will be stuck forever. The only way is to move on and take Classic client and 3rd party programs out. They will never do that for personal reasons. EC does a lot of stuff I believe not many players would be lost. 

    Then you will see the real pvp skills around. 

    Maybe create a shard for EC only? 
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