Archery Mastery ''Flaming Shot'' bug

quickbladequickblade Posts: 289
After performing a flaming shot from archery mastery , you can't use any special moves untill you cast another spell or perform any kind of double click action. Any way to fix this small unintended bug @Kyronix ? It's like if after performing flaming shot the cursor stays active preventing from doing specials moves.


  • MiskMisk Posts: 61Dev
    I have confirmed this issue and submitted a problem report into the system.  As a work around until the issue is resolved would be targeting the ground next to your intended target.  This issue appears to only occur when you target the mobile; if you target the ground near the mobile this issue does not occur.
  • quickbladequickblade Posts: 289
    edited July 2021
    Is that bug still in the system? Who's in charge of changing and fixing the code for this? Is it @Bleak ? Please thanks for answering
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