Baja Magincia Garden & Zoo Redux

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Greetings All.

We’re being allowed to rebuild the Magincia Garden and Zoo but this time the location will be on the EM Island in Malas. Mesanna feels strongly that the garden in Magincia should remain open to anyone who wants to plant there but is graciously allowing us to rebuild the zoo and garden on the EM island in Malas.

The first project is the garden because it will be the easiest to finish.

EM Obsidian has asked that the last garden that was there be recreated and most of it was built from seeds from the Naturalist quest so I’m asking for help in gathering the seeds. If you already have the plants and wish to donate those that’s perfect. It will save untold hours of doing the quest. They can be left in my mailbox or you can find me in game and give them to me. I’ll update the list so everyone knows what is still needed. Every single seed that’s donated to the garden is huge! We're also going to need pavers as well.

Below is a photo of the garden (without the center done) so you can see what I’m trying to recreate:

garden groundjpg

Yes, James the Pianist will be back! As will Lucy the Gardener! And a new Gardener will be added as well. This will be announced at the Grand Opening Party. Date to be announced and still to be determined.

After that's done we'll continue on to recreate the zoo, complete with Walter, the zoo animals, more zoo animals that represent the players of Baja. There will be a shard wide open meeting to discuss all zoo plans.

Also, the Olympics site will be rebuilt. Ideas are going to be needed so start thinking and make notes. Stay tuned for meeting announcements after the garden is done.

Please help with the seeds and plants. Here's a list of what is needed. Again, if you donate a seed(s) or plant(s) that's listed I'll update the list so everyone knows what's still needed.

For the Shard!


  • Plants/Seeds Needed:

     Lillies –

                        8  Rare Pink

                        10 Aqua,

                        10 Fire Red

    Pampas Grass –

                          8 Aqua

                          8 Rare Pink

                          8 Fire Red

    Elephant Ears -

                           1 Fire Red

                           2 Rare Pink

                            1 Aqua

    Bulrushes –

                             3 Fire Red

                             2 Rare Pink

                              4 Aqua

    Campions –

                              4 Aqua,

                              4 Rare Pink

                              4 Fire Red

    Poppies  -       

                            2 Aqua

                            3 Fire red

    Snake Plant –

                               4 Aqua

                               4 Rare Pink

                               4 Fire Red

  • The list has been pretty much completed to reflect the hard work and effort made by Mama Faith, Dani, Crazy Diamond, Stubby Nonrump, Oro D'Ici, Infinity and WildStar in gathering the seeds through doing numerous, repetitious, boring as hell 'ah haaas!' only to get *insert bad word* seeds that weren't needed. And to Infinity for schlepping over plants and seeds from another shard so we could have them for our garden.

    The list now is:









    Baby, we are done! We are there! We're missing a few but I can fill them in with others and in time can refresh them as we find find them. I'll list those later because I know if I do it now there are those who will insist on driving themselves mad trying to get them now. lick

    So now onto growing them and doing the layout. The hard part is over. I'm just so amazed how quickly it was done. I really thought it was going to take weeks!

    Thank you all.
    Stay tuned for the next phase!

    For the Shard!

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