Rangers’ Guild

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Rangers’ Guild

“We protect life and spirit.”

Leader: Ranger Artemia
Operations: Wilds around Skara Brae
Values: Life, Nature, and Spirituality
Rival: Druids of the Pith

Winter Yew

  • None currently

Autumn Oak

  • None currently

Summer Maple

  • Fallen Angel, known for studying the plants of Eodon.
  • Stalrev, known for many great hunts with his bow, Lucky Strike.

Spring Hawthorn

  • Aridas
  • Black Widow
  • Capital-D
  • Destinie Moon
  • Duncan
  • Fasman
  • Glycerine
  • Kissey
  • Malag aste
  • Miss Frenchy
  • Ted Clubberlang
  • TOTO


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