Kinship of the Rose

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Kinship of the Rose

 “There has to be art in Virtue, and there has to be love.”

Leader: Abbot Amoranth
Operations: Britain and wherever they are needed
Values: Charity, Artistry, and Community
Rival: Cult of the Fallen

Priors and Prioresses

  • Dot Warner, known for studying and writing on the nature of elemental creatures.


  • Tanda, known for her successful and well-organized food drive to feed the people of Paws.


  • Stalrev, known for compassion and friendship.


  • Captain Hunter
  • Destinie Moon
  • DJ Kittie
  • Ellis Kingsburry
  • Fallen Angel
  • Gunther von Weez
  • Janieha Emberlyn
  • John
  • Princess
  • Redlow DeSule
  • Skye


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