Tram Stone Keep is OSI even though my account is active

pm5000pm5000 Posts: 4
I'm having troubles with my house being OSI, even though my account is active. I had some hardships in my personal life over the last year or so. One of which being my bank account getting compromised. I updated the new card number on all of my accounts, but for some reason I guess it didn't save on this specific account? I'm honestly unsure of how this happened. Is there any way for me to correct this without losing everything in my house? There is about 22 years worth of hard work and dedication to a game inside this house. Including a lot of stuff from another account that's around the same age. Please help me before it's too late. I really think that losing this house would drive me off the game and I don't want to quit. It's been my favorite game since i first played it almost 22 years ago.
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