Requested formula

May I request the formula on which the game determines the amount of cleanup points I would get from weapons and armor?



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    I do not think there is a formula. But some new items were added recently. Look at the publish notes 106 and back. The list and values are in one of them. I have tried to determine properties that are better than others. I recall self repair gets a lot of points.

    Sorry. I am not good at searching and add links from my phone.

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    No I'm talking about the formula to determine points from junk loot armor and weapons. For example I just dropped a brittle 2 mod plus resists chest piece in the trash for 48 points. I also dropped a brittle 6 mod bow in that only gave in the 20s. There has to be a method.
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    Ya I see that also.  We (Forum posters) would have to combine notes to see which properties give good returns.  Sounds like something Popps could write a dissertation about.  There are no self repair items on the things I am fighting now. I recall always keeping those to turn in when I got them.

    I keep almost any jewelry cause they are 1 stone. Most other 1 stone items. Then look for things with max individual values and hope for some decent points.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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