From the Desk of EM Faine Morgan - December Edition

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Can you even believe it's December already and another year is coming to an end? Know what else is hard to believe? In a few weeks I will have been your EM for a YEAR. I can't believe how fast it's gone since I first introduced you to my culinary skills back on December 13th last year. Perhaps I shall have to bake something else for the anniversary! *grins*

There are one or two items from November that I will update this weekend but I wanted to go ahead and get the December event dates out to everyone. 

November 30th - December 15th - Winter Wonderland Plot Deco contest (more info below)
Monday, December 2nd - 8 p.m. Council Meeting with the King - Blackthorn's Castle
Thursday, December 12th - 8 p.m. - EM Led Event - Gate provided from Luna Mint
December 28th and 29th - Winter Festival - More details and exact times to come

Winter Wonderland Plot Deco Contest
Visit Santa's Helper on the front porch of the Reward Hall in Malas and say "Winter Wonderland". He will hand you a book with a plot assignment. Between November 30th and December 15th I will set up times for you to meet me at your plot and "build" your design. The theme is, of course, Winter Wonderland and can be anything to do with any holiday or just winter in general. 

A few things to keep in mind. First, don't give me anything to lock down that you absolutely MUST have back. Some things such as spider webs, doom stealables, etc. will not unlock and cannot be returned. Also, I do not have the ability to place Christmas Trees from deeds. I am not sure why but Trees and Trophies seem to be two things I've found that I am unable to place from deeds.

The winner will be announced December 22nd. As always, I will not be judging the entries. Some of the other EM's have volunteered to do a blind judging (they won't know the names of the players who entered).

November winning fish to be announced later this weekend. Also, remember, you have until November 30th to turn in your name and desired path for the Order of the Tower and Stone or the Order of the Tower and Rose. Any sign up's received after November 30th will become active after the promotion ceremony in January. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe out there. 


  • EM EchoEM Echo Posts: 78Event Moderator
    Oops. Forgot to add December's fish of the month. Pretty sure the fishers are probably going to shoot me but - Winter Dragonfish! Entries must be turned in by December 29th and can be dropped in the mailbox at either the Malas Reward Hall or the Meeting Hall north of Brit Moongate.
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