Always Winter

A long Summer is not like the summers most people have , from the mainland. Yet here on Dagar Island one kept to themselves trying to keep their homes warm. Whatever magic created this place was cold. The ground always covered in snow with no vegetation what so ever, so being a carnivore was perfect for here polar bear and walrus were always in abundance. An occasional frost troll for a little variety I suppose, making it perfect for dragons, however the cold weather wasn’t even on their favorite list of places to be.

Isolation from society , what some might say as the normal folk could drive one mad. While the mainlanders frolicked and drank away the summer months at their plush taverns and party’s I remained here freezing my bum off. During the madness of the cold I found time to make some changes at DragonStone Castle in preparation for the even colder months of Winter. I would be prepared for the new season while the folks on the mainland scrambled preparing for their next few months of bitter cold. DragonStone would soon invite the kingdom for a feast and we would propose some trade, after all there is more then just polar bear to eat and we needed resources, to them the thought would be for building more here but in reality DragonStone needed power and ally’s with crafters and farmers needed made. The magic world as well should side up with us....

((Invitations would be sent out to all the famous craftsmen especially those near Minoc and Vesper where the most famous and wealthy of them reside, and notice to be sent to the shelter in Trinsic for the poor farmers to attend this gathering and proposal for trade, perhaps my old connections from Skara I could get some nice foods brought in from the farms and maybe a few Turkeys ( after all some might turn their noses to Polar bear Steaks and I fairly certain Troll is out of the question ) a request must also be sent for a few ships to deliver the preparations for this.)) 
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