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Greetings Citizens of Siege Perilous !
I'm here to announce the opening of the UWSP Consulate in UWSP Town ! This house will host an embassy for all guilds that will want join in this project.


The purpose of the Consulate is giving a place to all guilds that are interested to recruit players. (it doesn't want get the place of NEW for training new players !) Each guild that will want join the project will get a room inside the house like these:



Inside the room, every guild can place what they want (i suggest at least a book to explaining which kind of players are you looking and the way to contact you ). If the guild is aligned with one of the 2 side they will have bench colored outside their door red or green, instead if the guild will be neutral the colour will be blue.
If you have a sign, we can engrave it and add in the room !

And the last floor you'll find a meeting room !

As you see the table is a round table because in that room all the Gm or Representative of guilds that will want join in the montly meeting, will have the same importance. There will be no need to wear fancy suits or special things because the house is in front of the market so you can reach it easy !
The idea of this room, is to use it to meet and speak about problems of our shard, a way to fix it or maybe advertise some kind of events what we want held on the shard !

This house will be neutral ground, so i hope noone will attack or steal inside the house. Remember that the idea of this project is to help the shard to grew !

For every guild that will interested in this project, just contact me and we can set up your room !

See you soon !!!!
Hurray for Siege Perilous Shard !!! grouphuggrouphuggrouphug


  • Update:

    Room 1) United Workers of Siege Perilous (UWSP)
    Room 2) Gilfane (GIL) with a steward that people can interact
    Room 3) Reserved for Legion of Honor (L*H)
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