How does custom house teleporter tiles work with the editor

 Hi I am trying to find info on how to set up teleportation tiles in a house. How do they work there are quit a few in the editor.


  • MedwarMedwar Posts: 6
    You match a pair of symbols and they are linked to each other where you place them in your house.
  • PenNPaperPenNPaper Posts: 97
    How do you match them, same  tile or tile type?
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,021Moderator
    The teleport tiles each have a symbol on them. When you step on the tile you will be teleported to the tile having the same symbol elsewhere in the house.
  • KirthagKirthag Posts: 541
    edited March 2018
    Be careful if you place more than two of the same design - then you will have the roulette-teleport-syndrome. 

    Best to use pair the symbol on the tile, plant one in one place, then the second in the other place. Commit the house, and test. After you got your 'port tile situated, don't forget to adjust their security level the way you want.

    If you use the Reward Teleport Tiles, or the Teleport Tiles from the online store, you have to "link" them together. 'Port tiles with custom houses don't work like that and simply transfer to their identical mate(s).

    So note, some people like to make "maze house" using all of the same teleport pad - you never know where you're going when something like that is done.
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