T-Hunting Bug with Lockpicking Chest

Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 748
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Not sure if this should be in the other thread or here. Seems to simple to put in the other thread.

After defeating the guardians of the chest, attempting to lockpick the chest results in the message "You must first defeat the guardians of the chest". An immediate second lockpicking attempt will be accepted without a "You must first..." message generated.

Wait 15 seconds from the time the last guardian was killed, then attempt to lockpick the chest. This first lockpicking attempt will be accepted and no "You must first..." message is generated.

Yes, on every chest I've done since Release 2.

Expected behavior:
I can attempt to lockpick the chest immediately after the death of the last guardian.



  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 953Dev
    Couple questions...

    What level map are you doing? How long after the guardians spawn are you killing them? 
  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 748
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    This has been happening on all the Stash, Supply, and Cache maps I've done since Release 2. Every map. That's how I was able to figure out to wait 15 sec before attempting lockpicking.

    I engage the Guardians immediately upon spawning.
    Stash: Guardians are dead about 7s after spawning
    Supply: Guardians are dead about 49s after spawning
    Cache: Guardians are dead about 173s after spawning.

    Margrette has been reporting this as well, so it's not isolated just to me.

    This was a rare occurrence, maybe one in 50 maps, on Pacific, and with Release 1, but since Release 2 it is every chest.

    I thought at first it was a hidden skill cooldown, so I started waiting 10 sec before attempting lockpicking, but a 10 sec wait still produced the "You must first..." message.

    A 15 sec wait is enough time for whatever is happening to happen and then that first lockpicking attempt will be accepted.

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