Why does remove trap reveal you?

It never used to. Now you get revealed while hiding when you attempt to remove trap. Seems kind of silly no?


  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 803
    I don't think you should be revealed unless you fail. Not if you're successful. Not if you "Breathe a sigh of relief" that you've not set the trap off. If you fail and accidently set the trap off then yes. 

    Revealed if you attempt RT, if you succeed at RT, if you fail at RT and again when you steal an item? That doesn't make sense to me.
  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,458
    Removing the trap has always revealed, as far back as I can remember. Lockpicking doesn't reveal you.
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  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 803
    Yeah, I know that’s how it has worked. But if it's a skill that's being looked into for revamping and more content is going to be added that will make it a more useful and more often used skill, which has recently been talked about, I think not being revealed unless you fail makes more sense.  :)
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