Public Siege Perilous Discord Server

Hello everyone

I created a public server for Siege Perilous on Discord. Use this link to join:

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

There are different sections for General chat, PvM, PvP, Trades and a channel for guilds to advertise and recruit.
The server will be barely moderated but I would still like to ask people to keep it somewhat civil - I guess we'll see how well that works.

Feel free to invite your friends and guildmates.

(For those who are afraid that we will be using this to see who's online: you can activate invisibility mode)


  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 626
    Today I have released the first part of an ongoing series of guides on how to make it on Siege Perilous with cheap gear on the public Siege discord server.
    The first part of the series will focus on PvM dexxer templates.
    I will keep publishing guides for PvM caster templates and tamer templates (+ their respective pet builds) and suit building guides.

    All of the above will be tailored towards the Siege Perilous ruleset and will focus on cheap equipment as to give newcomers a chance to get established and lay the economic foundations to allow them to PvP one day.

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  • I finally got around to drafting a simple set of rules of conduct. No more off topic posts, only UO Siege Perilous.
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 626
  • Want to buy a Keep  will pay 5 to 10mil depending on location.  ICQ me at 654027886
  • I doubt many people will see this here. You might want to join the Siege discord server and post in the "buying" thread there.
  • woah had to scroll back a couple of pages to find this.
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