DragonStone Hosts Line in the Water (Fishing Contest)


( Fishing Contest: because I like me some bad boys I have chose The Great Barracuda as the contest fish fel deep waters, however for those less risky I will add a secondary prize for the largest Fairy Salmon, , and in the event of a tie winners will roll for winning fish with dice, fish must be dated between Dec. 11 to Dec. 25 if the winning fish is dated Dec 24 or 25th an added prize will be given and to battle those sea serpents while you fish I will add a third prize for largest sea serpent hunting permit turned in to DragonStone Hall just south east of moongate at Ter Mur Royal City,  within this time frame, mailbox is set at the draw bridge at DragonStone Hall / which has recently been remodeled)

First Prize for Great Baracuda 10 mil
First Prize for Fairy Salmon 8 mil
First Prize for largest Sea Serpent Permit turned in 5 mil

Extra 1 mil if any of the 3 are dated Dec. 24 or 25
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