couple of questions - poison curing, remove trap ...

I have a char I developed for getting rares, doing boxes/chests etc:

100 detect hidden
100 lockpicking
currently 95 remove trap
40 magery (boosted with jewellery)
100 stealing (120 with jewellery)
100 hiding
100 stealth
70 ninjitsu (boosted with jewellery) - allows to stealth around faster as a llama and heal as a dog.

Anyway, there are these hidden boxes in a dungeon I forget the name of. (ilshenar honor shrine, walk through desert place) they contain jewels, essence, potions/smoke bombs.
If i try to remove trap, I pretty much end up walking back to the moongate to get ressed. The poison kills me everytime.
I can't cure it with potions/magery cure spell or prevent getting poisoned with those orange petals off plants.

So, what are the rules on curing poison? What skills do you need for which poison types etc.
Also, why is remove trap so useless!!!!!!!!!!! I mean what is the point in it if it reveals you to use it and stops me rehiding for 8 seconds, when all I need to do is cast telekenisis a couple of times?


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,540
    As I learned in Khaldun use an invisibility potion after using remove trap.
  • ShannowShannow Posts: 35
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    Hi, yes I do that too sometimes. But I find I cant successfully remove trap at 95 skill and I am unable to cure the resulting poison. Is it much more successful at removing the trap once I have 100 remove trap skill? And how do you cure the poison when you fail?
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,540
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    I am still under 70 on remove trap myself.  While recently training my remove trap skill I noticed that even a minor poison potion becomes uncurable when in a trap. Now I just use dart trap to train with.  Having the poison skill is supposed to help you recover from a poisoned trap.

  • I found that if I turn into a dog, I can stay alive long enough for the poison to wear off. But that can be difficult to do in Khaldun when all the monsters are also trying to kill me.
    So unless I have a monster free area to wait out the poison, I will have to stick to casting telekenisis.
    Once I gm remove trap I'll try it again at Khaldun
  • EP 50% ring & carry g. cure pots for high spawn areas- cure then smoke bomb.

    Animal dog form holding a +9 hpr weapon w/ 120 stealth for low spawn areas.

    2 methods I use.
  • Sometimes the first potion doesn't work. I remember having to use 10 to get one to work for Lethal poison.
  • ep means enhance potions i guess. I didnt think to try that.
    Krinkle on my character i tried 20 greater cure pots and failed on all of them. But as I have no resist, no poison skill or any other form of healing except being a dog or a cat, I guess that will always be the case
  • Acid_RainAcid_Rain Posts: 232
    12-15 greater cure pot to fix lethal can sometimes b the norm, 20 is horrible RNG but can happen.

    With 50 enhanced potions (EP) 2-4 is the norm. I carry a 50 EP ring on my thief just to switch out for those PITA chests/puzzles in high spawn areas. I also have no healing other than dog form & EP saves the day :)
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