Ordos Oceanicus - Rank and Uniform

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Greetings all,

The Crown wishes to share that the following ranks have been incorporated into the Ordos:
As a member progresses, they will be issued the following uniforms:
The basic uniform, and associated ranks, can be seen below:

The Crown may alter these at any time, as the Realm requires. Join Inquisitor Pierce now!


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    *raises hand*

    Will this uniform be purely for ceremonial purposes?

    If we need to wear the colours all the time, during a fracas I usually wear a robe and lately sometimes I equip a shield. Can we incorporate these hues into our usual attire? I could dye a my robe, a cloak, and half-apron (in lieu of sash) if these hues are freely available? 

    Assuming I get accepted...

    ~ The Babe with The Power ~
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    The uniform pieces above are meant as advancement rewards, and can be considered ceremonial.

    The cloak, pants, and shirt are hue 1172 which is not publicly available. I selected it for this reason to improve the 'reward' aspect. The blue is Invulnerability Blue. You can dye general gear to reasonably close versions of each. Totally optional.

    As for getting accepted, I consider attaining your first rank (at 5 points) to be officially accepted as a member.

    Hope that helps,

    EM Tycho
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    Greetings all!

    Next weekend is a planned Ordos Oceanicus activity.

    Ordos Oceanicus: A Simple Task

    Inquisitor Pierce has reported to the Crown on the recent muster. Lord Blackthorn has a simple task to ease the irregular force into service. Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the Ordos Oceanicus?

    2 PM Sydney Time, Saturday, December 15, 2018

    10 PM US Eastern Time, Friday, December 14, 2018

    9 PM US Central Time, Friday, December 14, 2018

    Additionally there is an active Bounty available https://forum.uo.com/discussion/2932/ordos-oceanicus-bounty-ectoplasmic-creatures-roam-the-desert-north-of-britain#latest (note: only 1 point is available regardless of numbers killed)

    -- EM Tycho

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    Here are the current tallies for Ordos rank as of 12/8/2018, 7 AM US CST:

  • EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator
    Updated ranks based on "A Simple Task" event 2018-12-14.

  • EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator

    Here are the standings as of 30 DEC 2018.

    There will be a rank advancement ceremony in February. Currently one player has attained enough points for advancement. There are two opportunities for earning points in January (one of which will be posted shortly), and I HOPE to have a third opportunity in February prior to the ceremony (not sure about that one yet) but potentially that means 7 other players will also qualify for advancement.

    Remember to capture your deeds on the forum here!

    -- EM Tycho

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