What with letting EMs decorate the world?

I'm not sure if anyone out there cares but I do... I find the changes to the game distasteful, noobish, annoying, ect. I honestly hate looking at anything they do! like changing the hues of moongates? WHAT THE ACTUAL ???? They are ruining the game. I think it should go back to the original. 


  • I have commented on this before.

    I think it falls in to the category of little children needing to put away their toys after the day of play... to keep our world neat and clean.  This is hardly like old-school invasion or history.  For one, I have an old ant hive "clutter" just outside my main house, from many-many-MANY years ago when the giant ants first came to UO.  I actually had 2 of these.  One was by the town sign... and Mesanna deleted it when we built the banner.  I wish she would have deleted the other one, BUT its not a big deal.  Its just amazingly clear when they switch the snow on.  hehe

    I think the bigger issue with the EM rubbish is it ends up blocking recall spots.  Let's not also forget old dead NPCs they leave too... but that could be staff-wide.  It confuses people.

    Running around Izumo a lot, I see all kinds of beautiful personal touches I honestly wonder why we dont get the same sort of thing.  Yew's center, the elf city gate for one.  Its amazing.

    I was saying before we could have a major publish just cleaning things up and repairing old issues that just get ignored.  Not just rubbish left after EM events.  One of these days I'll have to draw up a list.  ;-)

    BUT!!!!!... bigger fish to fry, me thinkith.

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  • Many of the EM's have deco'ed  their banks and event areas very nice and look great.  I have pointed out the "few" who are a tad bit lazy to clean up their handi work.   Some.....the deco gene is very much lacking..  Mesanna has put in a few touches and has been cleaning up after the less artistic but she can only do so much with all the other dutys she has.  If something is bugging you use the powers the game has given you... sent a message to the EM... explain the issue..don't be mean or rude... honey will get you further. 
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    If you bring these things up at the Governors meetings, the King will address it.  You must have a story in UO lore that explains why it needs to be changed. You must be in character of the Gov or a citizen and make up a story. May take a few meetings. A good story will get results faster.
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  • On thinking more about this topic... it reminds me again of the great difference from 1 shard to the next... and US vs. Japanese shards.

    On Atlantic, Skera Brea is tricked out a little, around the bank.  (Just a little).  However you go to Izumo, all city banks have rubbish bins.  I remember asking the OLD staff why we couldn't have bins around every bank when we had 50x more population and people would throw rubbish all over the bank area.  This, long before the clean up system.  Still makes very little sense to me why this is still an issue.

    I was collecting town banners for my mall and I remember something about town funds... what should be in the billions.  Why do towns need gold?  Just like "god" doesnt need money, yet churches constant beg for it.  hehe.  This is even more true for our UO towns.  Adding some nice decorations to make it a little more realistic shouldn't cost anything.   A couple Atlantic towns DO have some extras... around the bank.  Unlike Izumo... that only has bins.

    Just something to consider.

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  • Well I can clear up a bit of your misconception of the Asian shards being different.  It's True they are different and a lot more creative in the decoration then our side of the world.  If you have ever watched the cable shows of Japanese culture you will see even in food (bento boxes) they truly love to make things pleasing to the eye.    They take great pride in the work they do for others.

    Not that many have not done super jobs ...but the deco has a shelf life.  This means it will poof over time and EM's are a busy lot.  As many can tell you just deco a house can take hours. Imagine the banks and player areas that will clamor for a flourish or 2.   Mesanna once said how she use to go around fixing up shard banks on her off time... I have seen her handiwork. hours of work for 1 bank...

    If you see your EM as if you can donate anything to help them out..  don't be surprised if they take you up on it.   or offer an idea for the bank or area needing their care... 

  • Thats a wonderful idea!  Put a timer on all the event rubbish littering the land... as its used, a week later, its deleted.

    On Atlantic... I've seen the new EM hanging around the bank, visiting.  Nothing wrong with that!  In fact, its a great thing.  The old one wouldnt do that.  Every so often, I see new dyed chests around Luna bank.  SO... I'm thinking, "if allowed", they could spend an hour every so often doing some set-dressing.  Seams like someone creative wouldnt mind doing some now and then.

    Oh.  I dont think we need to donate anything.  They have endless supply of goodies, I'm sure.

    Still, if we were allowed some kind of relationship, I have a whole plant shop and growing beds... so I could supply plants (normal colored) for whatever needs.  Atlantic, clearly.  No problemo!!!  hehe

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