Would like to hire someone to mark interesting places in T2A, Tram.

Hello all!

The Red & Purple Mini Mall doesnt have much of a rune library for a very good reason.  We used to!  Unfortunately, the ore and tree woods became RANDOM, so much of it was thrown in the bin.  Not quite sure what happened to the treasure map collection, but the bigger and good reason is that Goodman's rune library became MASSIVE in Tokuno one and only city.  The smaller and more specialized collection we have is more or less the more common needs... easier to manage, find, deal with.  Let the artist have her specialty, I say.  She keeps up a wonderful job.

Besides, the teleporter hub has a link to the Red & Purple... and thus, people are very easily connected.

Well, I had an idea to visit an old stomping ground in T2A, I used to love to hunt and build skills... in the northern most part of that land.  The snow lands.  I could have sworn we had a book or two just in "Interesting places in T2A"... and perhaps we had both Tram and Fel… but I'm totally unsure if you can even mark in Fel.  I just dont deal with Fel at all... no matter what.  Well... since faction vendors have vanished.  Again, no clue if they exist or not!  Its just not an issue for me today.  When I was new and poor?  Yeah.


I figure I could do the books myself.  Not sure if my memory would help me find every place I remember.  I've easily forgotten at least 40% of everything I ever knew about UO.  Thus, I thought it a better "idea" or "CHALLENGE" to offer the job to someone else.  Perhaps a little reward would help.


Besides helping myself, because I only want the 1 rune or area... it would help people get away from bank-sitting and getting in to trouble, picking trolling fights (like I witnessed today in New Haven), being lazy and nothing else to do... and T2A was all about getting something new to do long-long ago.  Its true, there is no big game in T2A that I know of... but its a reason to get away from general nothingness and do something else.

If you cant make your own GM marked runebooks, I can easily help you.  My crafter's name is all over the shards of UO covering 17 years and that little "hick-up" that allowed us to make neon colored runebooks years ago.  If you have a crafter, your name will be on display at the Red & Purple until the day the light goes out on our world.  Unless I die in real life, the Mall and Town will NEVER fall.  I swore to that many years ago.  The vendors may blow away... and that hasn't happened yet.

Who is up for the challenge!!!?  PM me.

Again, this is about Tram.  We may have just a couple Fel books, but I mainly keep runes on offer to non-PK/PVP people.  I would be welcome to a Fel paralleled set... but we'd have to talk about that.

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