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 Ok, I know it might be hard to design weapons people will use, but some of the artifact weapons have been ok, like Ironwood composite bow, but that's mostly because it has an otherwise impossible to get slayer on it.

 But by and large, most artifact weapon drops are horrible. I add this alongside my multiple dragon slayers and such.

 An idea to help move in the appropriate direction of players in this day and age might be to go look at say a Sampire's weapons.


 Note the absence of Swing Speed Increase and the actual "pairing" of mods here that are helpful.. like Undead Slayer and Fire damage as opposed to say Reptile slayer and Poison damage. That's not to say SSI would not be welcome on a weapon, but just think about who would use something or what application it could possibly have. I don't have SSI on my axe there because when us players make something it takes away from the maximum drains and leeches we can imbue on something.

 Seeing as it's (that spear) a super slayer, it was probably designed with an ideal use being for maybe the Reptile Champion spawn, I could be way off base here.. maybe people go hunting in the ophidian lair in this day and age for really serious.

 I don't know man. When that popped in my bag I was like cool I'll check it out and just lol'd. For real. I wasn't even mad that I spent that whole time to get trolled like this, but I did laugh. My friend laughed too. I'm still kind of chuckling. Touche devs. Touche.
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