The Nightmare Clan is Born on Siege Perilous

Out of the shadows a lone scout moves with purpose. It has been decades since his people stalked and roamed these lands, but the scout is determined in his search. Never faltering in his stealth, he moves through the ether like a ghost while looking for a suitable location for his tribe to setup their new encampment, where they will rise out of the ashes and once again demand that the humans either give them tribute in material items or else pay tribute to the God of Blood with their own life.

Much has changed since the last clan left this world. They were known as the Shadowclan, a ruthless tribe of Orcs who waged a war of total domination on the land known as Siege Perilous. Remnants of their society remain in many places south of Yew and as the scout moves he deems the lands both too sacred, and too consumed for his people to return. Before leaving, he places a hand on the door of the Shadowclan’s cursed keep, which still stands strong over a decade after their clan left Siege Perilous forever.

“Lat Kihagh agh Ogba narkuu magru Shadowclan.” He whispered under his breath before turning to continue down the path towards the magic gate that would take him to new lands where he could scout for a plot of land large enough for this new tribe.  (“Your bloodlust and brutality will never die Shadowclan.”)

After traversing through the magic gateway still unseen by human eyes, the scout unsteadily steps through the portal. “Dis bubhosh mojo” he said while re-entering a state of concealment in a dead city known to the humans who rule the land as Umbra.

Being careful to continue avoiding watchful eyes, the lone orc follows the road at a steady pace. He moves past an abandoned fort. Thinking that it may be a suitable location, he slinks inside only to find that humans who do not even live in Siege Perilous have consumed the land inside with concrete and stone foundations that hold no actual homes.

“Deez hummies consooms uuk dems see. Dems will lurn…” he said on his way out of the gate towards the road.

Through tunnels and caves, he travels passing a group of soulless Orcs who stand eternal guard at a small outpost before the cave entrance. On the other side, a small building with several humans was in his way. Sneaking by with relative ease, he continues north west through the woods until he came across a series of bridges. Peering over the edge, there is nothing but darkness.

Across the final bridge, a vast empty island sits. A small patch of trees is present, but the land is completely untainted by humans and their consumption. “Dis be duh uzg… Dis be duh Ub fer us Orcs.” Blug’Tar said while slicing his hand open with an arrowhead produced from the quiver on his waist, offering a tribute of blood for the Blood God. “Blug’Tar bringin duh Nightmare Clan hummies… lat jus wayt.”


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