PHOENIX AUCTIONS @6pm est May 11th!!!

OnixiaOnixia Posts: 88
Phoenix Auctions located on Origin Shard is holding it next Auction today May the 11th @6pm.  Our auction house is located just below the south gate of Luna.  Gates will be provided too!   We accept money on Origin and Atlantic.  We also offer a free transfer service to Atlantic for any winners if they choose it.   There will be a lottery vendor and trivia prizes.   Our List is:   2 +15 Stat Scrolls
Halloween Deco Pack
A Barbae Doll- EM Item (Acts like a fortune Teller)
Ethy Ki-Rin
Lord British's Throne Replica
Shrouded Sails Ship Paint
4 Stat Scrolls (+5,+10,+15,+25)
4 Raised Garden Beds
Pre-Patch Gear
20 120 Power Scrolls
Misc. Items Package
3 Mod Scrappers
Crucible of the Ultima- EM Item (Acts like a luck statue)
Koi Pond
4 Mark of the Travesty Masks
Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune
ShoGun Drops
Moonstone Crystal
Raised Garden Bed/Field Garden bed and 5 Corn Stalks
30 Mythical Cargo
Misc. Decor Items
20 Plunderin Pirate Hats
A Chest full of Treasures- EM Item
Ethy Unicorn
Invasion Armor
I Stole this Cuddly EM Doll- EM Item

Lottery Prize:  Triton Statue with new Genesis Gem!

See you there!

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