Now that the pirate hat event is live....

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Lol balron bone armors already 100m in gen chat Atlantic. Oh boy, this is going to be a long 2.x months.

May as well have put out a clicky for these items. 

Good start would to up the threshold for receiving a drop, seems like you do 1 point of damage you're included.
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  • Lord_NythraxLord_Nythrax Posts: 147
    Neat, maybe I'll buy one. What, is your investment portfolio full of Balron Bone Armor futures?
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,256
    Sweet.  I can afford that on Atl.
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  • JepethJepeth Posts: 513
    What a fool I was for investing all my money into balron bone armors instead of bitcoin!
  • CovenantXCovenantX Posts: 949
    I wouldn't be surprised about the price drops on repeat-rewards... it's already happened with the serpent skin quiver, and a few other items.    the price will go back up once the item cannot be farmed anymore... as it does every time.

    However, the Balron Bone Armor is best-in-slot, so it's a good investment if you don't have one or the time to farm for it. -it'll probably get a little cheaper still before the price goes back up, seeing as how early it is in the event.
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