Interview with EM Lyraa!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing EM Lyraa! You can read all about it here; 

1. What made you decide to start EMing?
It was in 2008 when I read about the introduction of the EM program. The first EM
started on my server with full vigor and I was very excited about these new events.
Soon afterwards, in June 2009, I was able to start as an EM myself. With EM Immortal
and EM Ealia Tiefwasser, I was able to create events for quite a while before leaving
for a few years until I returned in 2014, first as an Advisor and then rejoining the EM
team in 2015. As a player in my community, I had often thought up events for my guild
members, so this was an absolutely fascinating new opportunity!

2. What is your favorite part about EMing?
Definitely to create stories that fit into the universe of UO. Sometimes they are a bit too
modern or crazy, but often they are based on (real) events or historical facts. Also I
absolutely loved my "House/Life of Flunkeydom" times (RP/Guards program, but done
a bit differently) that we could play on Drachenfels from 2016-2021.

3. What is your favorite memory thus far of EMing?
There are so many! In the beginning there were certainly the excessive RP stories,
then some experiences with ship battles, which we paid for a few times with a server
crash... what I also remember very fondly: A date night event because certain female
players were constantly flirting with the king. We laughed our heads off because they
were so incredibly creative. Also the opening of the Luna Fairgrounds in March 2010,
followed by a funky and colorful fashion show later. It was also very amazing that the
real Heckles visited us several times on Drachenfels, also at a Ludo game, and of
course all the recent Ludo games we've played with our fantastic, dedicated players!

4. What is your most memorable moment playing UO?
I have very fond memories of the really old, global events. The invasions in the cities
like Yew, Trinsic and in the Lost Lands. The fights between the Crimson and Platinum
dragons, Inu the Crone's two year adventure, but also the newer ones like "Time of
I also vividly remember my first day in UO: a friend had given me his account so that I
could have a look at UO. I was pretty annoyed for the first ten minutes because I
couldn't even get to open the door in the Inn. Until another player ran past me and
opened it... from then on, my learning curve went steeply uphill!

5. What is your favorite thing to do in UO?
In the meantime, I have become a very relaxed player. My PvP reflexes are no longer
what they used to be. I take care of my home and my vendors quite casually. When I
play, it's often in remote areas to find some peace and quiet, which in turn gives me
fresh inspiration for new stories.

6. Is there a specific event that you've done that is your favorite? What is it?
One certainly was the one in which I hid a little hint about towel day. Or the event
about the two (real) space dogs. Simply said, I love RP stories the most – and yes, it's
also true, I love riddles and scavenger hunts!

7. Was a drop you made that you favorite most out of all of them thus far? What is it?
I could answer this similar to the previous question. But I think it's my 3rd anniversary
"Rock around the clock" EM reward, which actually is a rock and a clock!

8. Is there a specific story that comes to mind about UO that has stuck with you to date?
As a player, I am always amazed at how friendships that were formed exclusively in
UO, across several countries and more than two decades, have lasted to this day. And
also my ingame wedding back then with entertaining guests such as bards and poets,
wonderful speeches and of course lots of drinks and songs!

9. Do you have any words of wisdom for the players out there? New and Old?
UO should remain an entertaining game and not degenerate into a chore. I often hear
that people know the value of an item but have no idea where certain locations or
NPCs are. A little interest in the background of the game world is not really a bad
thing. Our fantastic and beautiful universe absolutely deserves this attention! Go visit
"old" places, you might discover an intriguing, even ancient story.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add to the players out there?
My second choice would be: "Das Leben ist zu kurz um schlechten Wein zu trinken"
(Life is too short to drink bad wine; thanks to the T-Rating).
But my favourite is what a wise person once said about UO: "Bring our world to life
around you."

Lyraa also had some screen caps they wanted to share; 

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