Questions about how the Ozymandia’s Hiryu Reward

I have enough drops now to get this but have no idea as to how it works in the game.  So I have a few questions about it.

First, does it bond to the character that claims it, or can I give it to another character on my account?
Second, once it is bonded to a character can I give to another character on my account?
Third, when not in use do I have to put it in a stable or can I put it in my backpack?
Fourth, if I get killed does it get killed too?  Also, do I have to take it to a Vet. to raise it?
Fifth, if it gets killed and I get logged off before raising it, do I lose it?
Sixth, if it gets killed, and I continue to play without taking the time to raise it, let’s say I switch to an ethereal mount, will I lose it?

Sorry for all the questions, but I don’t do much with pets and the Hiryu is kind of expensive.  Thanks.


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    What I have understood so far, is that it is a Paroxysmus' Swamp Dragon but with a different look.

    If so, whatever applies to a Paroxysmus' Swamp Dragon will also apply to a Ozymandia’s Hiryu, at least as I understand it.

    What worries me, though, is that over time quite a number of UO players have reported their Paroxysmus' Swamp Dragon going "poof" and Game Masters not replacing it... I wonder if this "poofs" will also apply to the Ozymandia’s Hiryu .........'_Swamp_Dragon
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    Lol I just made a comment about how you believe everything you read and base your opinions on that and not your own experience.   That Dispel bug was fixed long ago.

    That page is from 50 publishes ago.

    Also I think it only affected the ones made back then.

    How many Tritons have you lost?
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    There have been various reports far more recent than "50 publishes" ago of paroxy mounts going "poof".  The common theme in the reports of pets being deleted is they were mounts

    I've never heard of a triton going poof, at least not since the "pets don't go wild when unhappy" change.  The mention of tritons is a distraction.

    I had a five slot mount fire beetle, deleted per this link.  Shortly after that, there was a change made around logout delays to the character;  I don't know if that played a role, or whether there was some stealth mode code change made in this area after my report.

    For ToT, a warrior may want to consider using an Ethy mount.  There is no downtime if you die, since the ethy will never need a rez.  You may also score more event points as you will take more damage by not using an armored mount.
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    @ForeverFun Said:
    For ToT, a warrior may want to consider using an Ethy mount.

    Yup I change to an ethy mount on my archers so I don't have to mess with pets, he has many of the store pets so vanity wise it sucks.

    I need the swampy exceptional damage reduction on my melee fighters so, they are not getting one.

    I have not found a character that would use one unless it is for vanity purposes,  I like the store Crab, Boar, etc look more than the Hiryu.  So I may just get one as a statue to stick in my zoo, he has as much change of going poof as the opened one.  

    I have lost a Skree at sea, when he fell off the ship, but they are not mounts.

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    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    "There is no downtime if you die, since the ethy will never need a rez."

    If you ever do die, just immediately log out and in. Then when you res just summon it using a globe. If it does die, it only takes a couple of seconds to recall to tram and res it yourself since it has no skill requirement to res.

    They have very few real downsides.
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