Bone Graveyard Events October 2023

Greetings, citizens of Great Lakes. 

October is almost upon us, and the cemeteries will be overrun with zombies and skeletons.  Head to the cemeteries in Britannia and slay these walking dead.  Collect the named bone containers from the corpses and deliver them to the Bone Graveyard (Bone House) located in Luna just southwest of the bank.  We will hold these containers and distribute them to the rightful owners.  Every Friday we will hold a celebration for the week and give away prizes to random players that have turned in these bone containers. 


1. Deliver at least 10 bone containers to the Luna Bone Graveyard Mailbox for a single entry.

2. Earn more chances in the random drawing by turning in more bone containers.

3. You can only win one weekly prize.  The same person can not win multiple dates.

4. Do not need to be present to win, but if the prize is not claimed before the next date, it will be forfeited to another participant.

Celebration Event will be held at the Bone Graveyard and dates will be:

Friday, October 6th, 8:00 pm CDT

Friday, October 13th, 8:00 pm CDT

Friday, October 20th, 8:00 pm CDT

Friday, October 27th, 8:00 pm CDT


Visit our website for:

- Complete list of bone containers we have for pick up.  

- Details about the prize events. 

- Participation list and their assigned numbers for the random drawing (updated daily in October).

Great Lakes Bone Graveyard


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,351
    How do you enter your name?  Have a bunch of bones to enter.  Does the mail box know who’s dropping off the bones.  Thanks.
  • Arnold7 said:
    How do you enter your name?  Have a bunch of bones to enter.  Does the mail box know who’s dropping off the bones.  Thanks.
    Yes, just drop them in the mailbox anytime during the week.  We use the mailbox to track who is dropping them off. The mailbox tells us who the sender is.
  • Winner for week 1 that ended on October 6th was Sirius.  Prize was Skull of a Giant Mutated Rabbit.  Also, during the week we had random pop up Bone Hunt for a prize and gave out 500 translocation powder.  Grats to the week 1 winners.
  • Winner for week 2, October 13th was Dragonrock.  Prize was Hanging Skeleton vet reward.  The random prizes for the week were 10mil gold, 3 different roof drops, bag of sending and 100 translocation powders.
    Grats to all week 2 winners!!
  • Update to the rules:
    Lowered the entry requirement to 5 instead of 10.
    Turn in 25 containers for second entry and 50 containers for third entry.
    Thanks to everyone that has participated so far.  Great to see so many participants!
  • Winner for week 3 October 20th was Billydkid.  Prize was Tinker Bench vet reward.  Random prizes handed out at the Friday gathering were 10 mil gold, bag of sending and 100 translocation powders and 10 Shogun event drop items.  
    Grats to all week 3 winners!!
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