Missing build/animationdefinition/xxxxxxxx.bin files?

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 762
edited September 2023 in Bugs
It appears that at least EC may be missing build/animationdefinition/*.bin files, that describe sets of tiles that should form animations.

For instance, if you enter the shadowguard bar room, there are curtains typeID 4833 and 4844 that appear to be flagged as being an animation, though the corresponding build/animationdefinition resources are missing.  (hence no animation will be seen).

You can use a tool called "SuperViewer" to view the artwork, and it appears that many items indeed have multiple frames and should animate.

There appear to be a large number of items that are flagged this way, and may never animate as a result of missing animationdefinition files.  Perhaps there is a problem with packaging up these resources?

I can send a list via PM or email if you provide a contact address.  The list is too long to post here.
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