Bug at EM Events on Catskills.

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I am having an issue on Cats at EM Events where my enemy of one targets the correct monster but when you look at what the enemy of one buff says it is a players pet. The enemy of on buff lasts for just a few seconds over and over again until it finally has the right target in the buff when you look at it. I do not know these player, I am not in VVV and they are not allied to my guild and this is in Tram.


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    "this happens at every EM event?"
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    Was the boss based on Medusa? Not sure if the evil twin pet would say the same thing.

    If you do the ones on LS you should use gorgon lens. Many of the bosses there make clones.
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    This bug is a known issue, stemming from Provocation & the 'pvp only' changes made several years ago around the time when VvV replaced the Faction system. 

    I eluded to this a few weeks ago in a thread here somewhere, If the EM boss (or any mob) is able to be provoked, The bard is able to reduce the effectiveness intentionally or unintentionally of Enemy of one's damage bonus & duration by triggering the "pvp version" of enemy of one depicted in the OP's post.   since a provoked target acts as if it's a pet owned by the bard, for the full duration of provoke (indefinitely) unless the bard is invised, died or leaves screen for about 12 seconds or so.

    This is why unfixed bugs get so many complaints, they almost always have negative affects often beyond the issues found in the initial reports.  I reported this back when stratics was the "official forum" used for UO.  

    There are also many reports made on this forum, that are also Not Fixed.     Maybe since this is going to have a more widely known effect in Trammel the devs might actually fix it.  , Time  More time will tell.
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