UO Jeopardy- The need to Knows!

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UO Jeopardy!-With a Twist -5/13/23
Your need to Knows!
1) This will not be your usual I call the questions you give the answers!
2) Come prepared to defend yourself if needed!
3) Have a pen and paper handy to write your answers on before you transfer them to a Book! OR if you are brave.."write" your answer in a book with the Book Number you see on my book so I can validate your answer!
4) Grab a book before you come!
5) You will have 1(one) Hour to get your answers together!
6) The first one to give me a book with the MOST correct answers will be named UO Jeopardy Winner and a trophy placed in the Hall of Champions in Malas!
7) Have Fun..and Im not ebil! *bats eyes innocently*
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